Ten Tips to Make Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

As it gets closer to summer more and more people are going to be out on vacation and taking road trips. Road trips are exciting and fun and provide you with the chance to stop and see different sites along your destination. When you are planning a road trip one of the most important things to do is make sure your car is road trip ready. Your car is one of the most important items during your road trip and can be dangerous. In order to make sure you get to your destination safely, you want to make sure your car is road trip ready. If you are going to be going on a road trip then you might want to think of these simple tips to ensure your car is ready for your trip.

Checking your tire pressure and overall appearance of your tires are one of the most important things you can do to make sure your car is road trip ready. You want to get a tire-pressure gauge to take with you on your road trip to ensure your car always has properly inflated tires. You can get a tire-pressure gauge at any hardware store or auto store for about 10 dollars. Making sure your tires are inflated properly will help in the weather conditions you might encounter and it is also important so that you will not get a flat tire. Make sure your tires are not bald so that bad weather will not pose a risk to you while traveling and make sure that they are in generally good shape.

You should also get an oil change to ensure your car is road trip ready and to help protect your engine. An oil change should be done every 3,000 miles but some people do not either have the money or means to get this done on time. An oil change is very important before going on any road trip of a long distance because you want to make sure your engine will be running properly. During an oil change, a lot of places will give your car an inspection and look for any problems which are also great to know before a road trip. Typically an oil change will cost you about 30 dollars at your local oil change center or you can do it yourself for about half the price.

You also want to check the many different fluids that are stored under your hood. Brake fluid is very important to check since you are going to need your brakes working properly if you want to be safe. You also have windshield washer fluid that you should check and fill if needed before your trip. You might also want to take a gallon of windshield washer fluid with you just in case you encounter weather conditions that use up a lot of the fluid. These different fluids which are often found under the hood of your vehicle are essential to keep your car running properly and keeping everything running smoothly in your engine.

Always pack a car-related emergency kit with you if you are going on a road trip. This kit is similar to an emergency kit you should pack for yourself but the contents are all related to your vehicle. Make sure this kit has a small flashlight, windshield wiper fluids, jack, tire iron, oil, jumper cables, blankets and any other items you might need for your car. All of these items in your car emergency kit should be items you could use to fix your car if you broke down or had an accident. You might want to carry around a multi-tool also in this emergency kit just in case you needed to take screws off of a light or something of that nature. Make sure you always carry items like a blanket and pillow in your car at all times just in case you break down and have to sleep in your car. These items should all be kept in the trunk of your vehicle for easy access. Some people prefer to have these types of items on them at all times just in case of an emergency, but it is a must for any road trip.

You should always check your brakes out before leaving on any type of road trip. Make sure your brakes are in working order and appear clean. Check the front and back brakes for any type of damage, wear, splitting and rust to ensure they will be in good working order during your road trip. If you are not sure the condition of your brakes or think you might need new brakes then you should take it to an auto shop to be checked out. Sometimes the brakes on your car can get dusty and collect debris which could pose a danger if they begin slipping or not catching the right way. Making sure your brakes are in good condition is a very good tip to help prevent an accident and keep you safe during your road trip.

Keeping your car filled when it comes to gasoline is also a good tip to make your car road trip ready. Make sure you have a full tank of gas before you leave for your trip and also make sure that there are no leaks under the car. Keep your car filled at all times during the road trip because you never know if or when you might get lost and you do not want to be stranded somewhere. It might also be a good idea to take a five-gallon container of gas and put it in your trunk or somewhere within the vehicle. Taking a container full of gasoline might end up smelling your car up but it can save you if you get lost or end up having a small gas leak. Always put a sock or some type of material over the nozzle of the gas can to ensure the gas does not spill all over your vehicle.

Check all of your lights and signals to ensure they are all working properly before any road trip. Have someone sit inside your vehicle and turn your turn signals on along with the emergency signals to make sure they are all working. Sometimes you can have a blown fuse or bulb in your lights or signals and not even know it, which can be a dangerous situation on a road trip. Make sure all of your headlights and taillights are working correctly to prevent an accident during your road trip. Also make sure the horn is working and all of your other connections are working properly which can save your life during an accident and can help prevent you from getting a ticket during your road trip.

Fix your headrest so that the headrest is placed in the appropriate position behind your head. This might not sound like something very important but it really is. Making sure your headrest is in the appropriate position before a road trip will help you keep proper ergonomic positions. During a road trip and traveling a long distance, you can actually get a back or neck injury very easily. To help prevent such an injury, you need to make sure your head and neck are supported properly by using the headrest appropriately. Remember to change the headrest to fit each driver if you are planning on alternating who drives the vehicle during your road trip.

When you are going on a road trip you also want to make sure you have an extra key to your vehicle on you. One part of making your vehicle ready for a road trip is preparing for the unknown and possible situations you might encounter. One of these situations might be locking your keys in your car or misplacing your car key at a rest stop or similar location. If you lock your keys in your vehicle then you are going to have to call the police and have them come to break into your car with their little device. This is not a pleasant experience and it takes away the time the police could be using to do something important. Make sure you have a spare car key on you at all times so that you do not have to call for help if you happen to lock your keys in your car. You can keep the key in your wallet or purse or maybe make a necklace out of it during your road trip so you know where it is. Be sure to always keep the key on you and make sure you always know where it is just in case an accident does happen. Also, it will save you money because most towing places charge a nice fee for helping you unlock your car if your keys are locked in the car.

Finally, you always want to make sure your seat belts and other restraining devices are working properly before a road trip. Wearing your seat belt might seem like something you have grown out of but really it is very important. A lot of police do not hesitate to give out tickets for not wearing it even if your seat belt is broken. To prevent yourself from getting a ticket or getting injured in an accident, always check your seat belts before your road trip. Make sure your seat belt works properly and fastens securely and make sure all restraints for children work properly also.

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